Privacy Policy

The following survey will ask you for information about your race/ethnicity, income, and education level, as well as some topics you may find sensitive such as: your sexual behaviors; HIV and STI testing habits; your use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. We will also be asking questions about your HIV status and your sexual partner history. To protect your privacy, all research data will be kept in a secure computer network, connected only by a randomly assigned study ID number.

Welcome to Swerve

Taking care of your health can be challenging. LGBTQ folks face additional challenges in finding services and care providers that make them feel comfortable, seen and respected.

The goal of Swerve is to support young gay/bisexual men and young transgender folks in living their best life. By providing sexual health and counseling services to study participants, we hope to promote better health outcomes within gay and trans communities in the Detroit Metro, Flint and Ann Arbor areas. In partnering with community health organizations, this project overcomes many of the barriers people face in accessing and receiving HIV and STI care. Staff members are trained to talk about sexual health in a way that is informative, respectful and empowering.

The length of the study is 18 months, with in-person visits every 3 months at service sites nearby. A total of $230 is available to each participant. With your help, we hope to learn more about how to improve health outcomes in our communities.