Sexual Health Resources

There's a lot of sexual health information out there, but often it's focused on the needs of straight men and women. Below are several resources that talk about how to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life specifically for gay/bisexual men and trans folks.

  • The Gay Men's Health Charity - Find all you could ever want to know about gay men's sexual health and tips on how to have good sex.

  • Trade Sexual Health - A straight forward website dedicated to providing quality LGBTQ sexual health information.

  • The Rainbow Project - A website that goes over three key steps for gay and bisexual men to keep up with their sexual health.

  • Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet - A pamphlet about sexuality and sexual health geared towards young trans and gender non-conforming people and their partners.

Our understanding of how HIV works and how to fight it has greatly improved over the past several decades. Still, with everything that's happened a lot of people don't know what HIV looks like nowadays. Check out the links below to learn more about the state of the HIV epidemic.

  • Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention - The CDC gives you easy to understand information and links to health resources about HIV.

  • A website with anything you would ever want to know about HIV/AIDS, including information on how it works, testing, prevention and treatment.

SWERVE partners with several AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) in the Detroit-Metro Area Check out their websites below. Or click here to find other HIV/STI testing centers near you.

  • Unified - An AIDS Service Organization with locations in Detroit, Ypsilanti and Jackson.
  • Wellness Services- An AIDS Service Organization located in Flint.

One way to help protect HIV negative folks from getting HIV is Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP. PrEP is an HIV prevention strategy where HIV negative individuals take anti-HIV medication daily to reduce their risk of infection if they are exposed to the virus. To find more information about PrEP, you can check out the links below.

  • PrEP Facts - An informative website that breaks down what PrEP is, what it is used for, and where you can get it.

  • - An easy to use website that describes what PrEP is and everything in between.

Post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP, is an HIV prevention strategy where HIV negative people who have been recently exposed to the virus take anti-HIV medication for about a month to stop from becoming HIV positive. In order to work, PEP has to be taken within three days (72 hours) of an exposure. You can find more information in the links below.

  • Emergency HIV Treatment - An informative pamphlet that tells you what exactly PEP is, when it needs to be used, and how you can obtain it.

HIV is just one kind of sexually transmitted infection (STI) - others include syphilis, hepatitis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. HIV and other STIs work hand-in-hand such that people with another STI are at higher risk for acquiring HIV. Sometimes people who have these other STIs do not show symptoms so getting tested is important, but the good news is that they are all very treatable. Check out the information below to learn everything you need to know about STIs and what you can do about them.

As you've probably heard many times before, condoms are one prevention measure that can help protect against HIV/STIs. People often talk about condoms like they mean just one thing, but there are tons of different condoms to choose from. Below you can find more information on places where you can find condoms with the best fit and feel for you.

  • Condom USA - Here you can find all types of condoms and even get free condoms.

  • My Science Project - This website breaks down how much condoms are and where you can buy them the cheapest.

  • Love Your Condom - An easy to use website that explains the right way to put on a condom and how effective they are.

Lube is an awesome tool that makes for better sex and can help reduce your risk for HIV. There are a lot of lube options out there, but picking the best one for anal sex can be a challenge. Oil-based lubes, for example, can be harmful inside a guy's body and can actually breakdown condoms. For more information on the best lubes for anal sex, check out the links below.

  • Aussie Space Time Traveller - This website offers a quick and easy explanation about the different types of lubes and which ones are best for anal sex.

  • MaleQ - A breakdown of the best lubes of 2015.

  • Adam's Toy Box - Where you can buy any type of tube to satisfy you and your partner.

At the start of the HIV epidemic, many states passed reactionary laws that criminalized exposing someone to HIV. Although these laws are outdated and harmful in a lot of ways, they are still on the books in a lot of states. You can find out more information about the laws in your state in the links below.

If you use needles or syringes for drugs, needle exchange programs are great free resource to help get rid of your old used needles in exchange for brand new, clean ones. Using clean syringes can greatly reduce the risk of acquiring HIV and other infections like hepatitis C. Find an exchange program near you in the link below.

  • Global Network of Sex Works Projects - The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) exists to uphold the voice of sex workers globally and connect regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers.